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  Founded in 1978, the Society is helping our citizens living in Melbourne to perform their religious duties.

It provides the necessary support for the strengthening and conservation of our community's religious feelings.

It enhances our citizens' attachment to their religious feelings, develops and preserves national culture and
customs and guides a number of activities to compliment those needs.

From 1978 until today, our citizens have taken possession of the cultural center in the centers where they live, and continue their religious, national, social, cultural and sports activities in these centers.

It also provides the annual calendars that our citizens need, enabling them to reach our citizens through our associations.

In 1985 the Broadmeadows mosque was built and put into public use.  

    Our Religious workers are on hand to respond to our citizens religious questions who may come in personally or ask  over the phone.

It operates a funeral service for our citizens who have died.


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