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1. The name of the Incorporated Association is Broadmeadows Turkish and Cultural Centre Inc ("the society").

2. The purposes for which the Society is established are:

  • To promote the religious, cultural and social welfare of Turkish and Muslim people in Australia.
  • To promote Islamic and Turkish cultural knowledge through seminars and conferences.
  • To facilitate thecelebration of traditional Islamic festivals and Turkish national and cultural activities.
  • To perform Islamic Rights in Australia.
  • To foster interest in Turkish and Islamic culture.
  • To offer hospitality and accommodation to Turkish and Muslim students.
  • To promote mutual understanding and interest between Turkish, Muslim, and other communities in Australia.
  • To establish and maintain Turkish and Islamic centres.
  • To ensure that practical steps are taken to advance progress in the moral, material, social, economic, supportive and cultural life of Turks and Muslims in Victoria with the object of enabling them to obtain and maintain their rightful and honoured place amongst the other communities in Victoria and to make their full contribution towards peace, prosperity, and progress of Australia.
  • To promote, organise and encourage healthy exercise.
  • To manage, print and publish newspapers, journals, periodicals, books, booklets, tracks and/or leaflets and establish bookshops which the Society may think desirable to further its aims and objects.
  • To foster, promote and provide for Turkish and Islamic education of Turks and Muslems and to establish Primary and Secondary Colleges within the Australian educational framework. _
  • To foster, promote, and provide or build Mosques, Morgue and Funeral services, social, sporting, educational or other Turkish cultural and Islamic religious institutions. , .
  • To build and conduct aged care facilities including aged hostels, aged care houses and nursing homes in accordance with the Aged Care Act 1997.
  • To establish "Youth Centres" to provide Islamic and cultural education, so as to encourage youth to be active members of the Society.
3. Solely for the purpose of furthering those purposes set out above, the Society shall have power to:

  • invest and deal with monies of the Society not immediately required in such manner as is from time to time thought fits
  • raise or borrow money upon such terms and in such manner as it thinks fit;
  • secure the repayment of monies so raised or borrowed or the payment of a debt or liability of the Society by giving mortgages, charges or securities upon or over all or any of the property of the Society; and
    (i) give any guarantee or indemnity for the payment of money or the performance of any contractual obligation or undertaking entered into by or on behalf of a not-for-profit association or company; and
    (ii) become surety or security for or on behalf of any not-for-profit association or company and without exception either alone or in association or jointly and severally or jointly and severally with other persons, trustees, companies, associations or entities; and
    (iii) for the purpose of securing the payment of any money or the performance of any such contractual obligation or undertaking for which the Society has become or may become liable under and by virtue of any guarantee indemnity or other contract pursuant to this paragraph, to mortgage or provide a lien or fixed or floating charge or to otherwise charge the whole or any part of the assets of the Society (in the present or the future); and
  • delegate in writing the exercise of all or any of the powers or discretionary authorities hereby conferred on the Society and to execute any Powers of Attorney or other instruments necessary to effect such a delegation;
  • act as trustee;
  • accept and hold upon trust real and personal property; and
  • do all other things that are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the purposes and the exercises of the powers of the Society.

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